Career Counselling

Career Counselling Cell

The Placement and Career Counselling Cell of our Gokhale Memorial Girls' College gives the students exposure to different career options and job opportunities. Different seminars, webinars, and talk sessions are conducted year-wise to keep our students abreast of the changing pathways of career development and the job market. Alongside, through a student-centric approach, this cell motivates the students to pursue their careers in the fields they are inclined towards. The motto of this cell is to offer a launch pad for the young educated girls of our college to find their own vision and vocation in life.

The Cell is comprised of the following members:

  1. Subham Dutta (Ph.D.) (Convener)

  2. Dr Newtan Biswas (Member)

  3. Dr Durba Mukherjee (Member)

  4. Aditi Chatterjee (Member)

Activity Report of the Career Counselling Cell 2017-22 (With Supporting Documents): View PDF