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Philosophy Honours Course was introduced in the year 2002. One of the students from the first batch has obtained 1st class in the year 2005. Medium of instruction in this college is English. In spite of
that, many students take admission in this department from several Bengali medium schools of the city and its outskirts. The faculty gives essential effort to help them that they can follow lectures and secure good results in the final examination.
In order to boost up the self-confidence of the students, the faculty guides them in organising Departmental seminars where each and every student gets a platform to present her paper. Students of this department take part in various inter collegiate debates and seminars that are organised for the students by different Universities on International Philosophy Day every year.


Vision & Mission

In every school of Indian thought, philosophy is intimately associated with practical life. Darsan makes them aware of truth and reality in every aspect of life. Theory does not exist without a practical application. Philosophy is pursued, not as an academic discipline, but as a necessary guide for man's life. A knowledge of truth needs to be cultivated in order to understand how life can best be led and this knowledge can best be provided by this subject. It became customary for Indian Philosophers to explain at the beginning of a philosophical work how it served human ends (puruṣārtha). Study of puruṣārtha in the beginning itself gives them life lessons and also creates a vision in their lives which in the long run becomes their mission, that is to uplift all, the whole universe, Vasundhara through this wisdom and enlightenment
The department will develop lifelong learners via innovative curriculum, active learning and research activities. The Department of Philosophy envisions educating students by offering a balance between access and excellence, enabling these students to achieve fulfilling careers commensurate with their abilities and to meet the needs of the global society. Students who graduate from our department will become lifelong learners in diverse careers, serving the greater good by developing and sustaining an ethical civilization.
Department enriches its diverse students by providing quality, affordable, and accessible education. It's an innovative and inclusive department, We demonstrate Excellence by setting and pursuing high standards of professionalism and competency by:

  • Providing exceptional service to all while demonstrating pride in our work;
  • Welcoming new challenges and seeking opportunities for growth and development;
  • Encouraging and empowering each of our students to achieve our best.





Career Prospects in Philosophy after Graduation

Philosophy allows you to consider the big questions in life and teaches you how to analyse and communicate ideas logically, which are skills that many employers value. Once you have secured for yourself a degree in philosophy, you can venture onto any career field with a diverse set of job opportunities.

  1. Human resources
    A career in philosophy is helpful in developing the skills required to efficiently work in HR. Since philosophy students better balance out empathy and compassion with workplace professionalism, and weigh the pros and cons of any situation from all angles.
  2. Counsellor/ mediator
    A career in philosophy allows you to think for yourself and to analyse and comprehend ideas clearly and logically, which is why counselling and mediating are recommended job profiles. A career in philosophy with counselling or mediation requires you to be a good listener with excellent communication skills and to be able to parse and decipher what’s really occurring between two or more potential hostile parties.
  3. Journalism and writing
    Journalism and other writing endeavours rely on strong communication, along with the ability to synthesize complex information and translate technical jargon in an intelligible manner, making it the perfect career in philosophy to pursue. A philosophy degree encourages and refines these skills. Individuals with a background in philosophy who are interested in entering this industry can find work as reporters, broadcasters, news correspondents, and media analysts.
  4. Academia and research
    To launch your career in philosophy, you can enter the field of academics and research by becoming a professor. After all, teachers are need to be good at conveying
    complicated terms, concepts, and ideas to their students. A philosophy-trained teacher will be able to articulate and express complex ideas and terms, making almost all
    subjects accessible and within reach for all their students.
  5. Advertising and marketing
    The marketing and advertising industry relies heavily on strong communication skills and clear deductive reasoning. Philosophy graduates who are comfortable with the
    written and spoken word stand to benefit the most from this landscape, as do those with a keen sense for developing cogent, logical arguments for public consumption while tackling societal issues in the same breath. Pursuing a career in philosophy can help you find employment as editors, copywriters, advertising managers, art directors, and marketing consultants.
  6. Competitive Exams:
    Every competitive exam, like IBPS or WBCS or NET exam, has a part or paper on reasoning. The paper on logic (specially western logic) which is included in UG level syllabus of Philosophy help the student of this discipline to solve it more easily and correctly. Besides this, the papers like Social Political Philosophy, Philosophy of
    Contemporary Indian Thinkers also help students to answer the several questions in Preliminary examination .
  7. Judicial Service:
    Philosophy develops logical reasoning within a person which helps a legal practitioner to continue the argumentations. Ethics is also a part of this study. Besides this the social political philosophy, philosophy of religion, study of philosophy of human mind are also included in this discipline which help a legal practitioner more prudent and efficient to handle a case. So, it will be better to finish a degree with Philosophy and then go for L.LB. This study is also helpful for qualifying the Judicial Service examination because the conceptual aspects of this discipline make a person to solve any kind of analytical question in Preliminary examination.
  8. Cognitive Science:
    Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary innovative programme which may be called as an extended part of Philosophy. Topics which are discussed here, are study of human cognitive abilities, development of new logics, cognitive and neuropsychology, and neuro-linguistics. Philosophy students can choose cognitive science for their higher studies. In 2010, M.phil and Phd programmes on Cognitive Science were started in the Department of philosophy, Jadavpur University, besides this several IIT institutes offer this course .

Job opportunities-
There are lots of job opportunities after study Cognitive science, like Quality Engineer(A cognitive science degree can help a quality engineer understand why people do things in different ways and how to build systems to take advantage of that) Data Analyst, Instructional Systems Designers, User Interface Designer, Criminologist, Editor, Guidance Counsellor, Human Resources Specialist, Law Enforcement Officer, Linguist, Media Correspondent, Mediator, Mental Health Worker, Occupational Therapist, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Public Affairs Consultant, Public Policy Advisor, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Scientific Researcher, Social Policy, Professor etc


Study Plan



Smt. Krishnakali Chakravarti Banerjee
Smt. Krishnakali Chakravarti Banerjee

Designation : Associate Professor

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Dr. Lalita Agrawal
Dr. Lalita Agrawal

Designation : Associate Professor

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Smt. Tanushree Chandra Das
Smt. Tanushree Chandra Das

Designation : SACT - I

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Smt. Nabanita Deb Ghosh
Smt. Nabanita Deb Ghosh

Designation : SACT - I

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  1.  Debosmita Jana, student of semester-1, participated in an International Dance competition organized by Kanthi at Purba Mednipur on 10/02/2022, and secured second position in classical dance performance and also participated and performed a dance on International Language Day, organized by Jayjayanti Members at Andul on 21.2.2022.
  2. Suparna Sinha, student of sem-4, won a Bronze Medal and certificate in Power Women Quiz, held on 28.2.2022, by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  3. Suparna Sinha, a student of semester-2, participated in a Quiz competition on World Environment Day, organized by the Dept. of Botany, Surendranath College under DBT-Star college Strengthening Scheme, Govt. of India and earned a certificate of Appreciation with 95% marks
  4. Suparna Sinha participated in online Drawing contest on National Level Inter college Drawing competition, 150th Birth Anniversary of Abanindranath Tagore, held from 18th and 19th December 2021 and received certificate of participation.
  5. Suparna Sinha, Sonia Adhikary, Sanchita Deb and Shruti Chatterjee, of semester 3, gave their paintings and drawings for College Magazine Miscellany November 2021, Suparna, Sonia and Sanchita's drawings are published in the magazine.
  6. Debosmita Jana, student of semester-1, participated in an online National Level quiz competition, National Level Drawing competition, and National Level Essay competition, on National Youth Day and 75 years of independence, organized by NSS, Bangabasi Morning College and received certificates in 2021
  7. Sukanya Naskar scored the highest marks in the Department in 2022 and currently studying M.A at Calcutta University
  8. Archita Chatterjee, year 2021 and Aritrika De, year 2020, received the prizes for scoring the highest marks in the Department on the occasion of Annual Day Cultural program held on 29.3.2022 and currently studying M.A at Calcutta University
  9. Sutanuka Bhattacharya received the prizes for scoring the highest marks in the Department in 2019 and studied M.A at Calcutta University
  10. Poulomi Mondal received the prizes for scoring the highest marks in the Department in 2018 and studied M.A at Calcutta University
  11. Pritha Ray received the prizes for scoring the highest marks in the Department in 2017 and studied M.A at Calcutta University
  12. Anika Mukherjee received the prizes for scoring the highest marks in the Department in 2016 and studied M.A at Calcutta University, She also won P. C. Chandra Award of Excellence from the Department







Department of Philosophy
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Nabanita Deb Ghosh- SACT
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