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Gokhale Memorial Girls' College has collaborated with Young Womens' Christian Association (YWCA), Kolkata to provide Hostel facilities to its students.

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The objective of the Canteen is to protect the students by reducing the risk of food borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions, and preventing adulterated food. The canteen is located inside the College Main Building. This facility is a convenient and affordable option for students, faculty members, and non-teaching staff. The students and faculties who come from faraway places, started their journey to the College early in the morning are benefited mostly. The Management of the Canteen is closely monitored by the College Canteen Committee. The menu will be planned by the assigned team of Management and instructions will be given to the Contractor. The contract of the Canteen will be renewed every year. Suggestions, complaints, and problems of the food consumers are taken into consideration by the Canteen Committee. The canteen and the surroundings are always kept neat and tidy. Plastic bags are not permitted inside the canteen.

Detailed information regarding timing of the canteen, who can access it, the type of food available, the beverages served, the equipment used for cooking, and a menu with a rate chart and pictures are provided below.


The canteen facility is available from 11 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday, and 11 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays and public holidays.


The canteen facility is accessible to all students, faculty members, and non-teaching staff of Gokhale College.


The canteen offers a variety of food items, ranging from snacks to meals. The food items available include sandwiches, burgers, rolls, noodles, and rice dishes. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are also available. All food items are prepared using a microwave oven and an induction oven.


The canteen offers a range of beverages, including tea, coffee, soft drinks, and mineral water. These beverages are available at affordable prices.

Equipment used for cooking:

The canteen does not use any equipment that uses fire for cooking. Instead, most food items are pre-made and heated using a microwave oven. This is done to avoid any fire hazard in the canteen. If necessary food is cooked using an induction oven.

Menu with rate chart and pictures:

A menu with a rate chart and pictures of the food items available at the canteen is attached to this report. The menu provides a detailed list of all food items available along with their prices.