Psychological Counselling

The Psychological Counselling Cell of GMGC

Modern life with all its stressors can make day-to-day living very challenging for everyone. This is alarmingly so for the young students as they may not possess the coping skills and strategies required to face the burdens of life. GMGC wishes to give our young students a shoulder to lean on while they grapple with complexities in their academic life, peer groups, family life and even professional lives.

Along with supporting those who may be unsteady, the college also wishes to further nurture those who are already on firm ground but would like further direction and guidance so that they may soar through life with ease and excellence. For such students, structured, value-based mentoring and steering can prove to be extremely valuable in their search for purpose and meaning.

Members of the Counselling Cell:

  1. Dr. Nabamita Chakraborty (Coordinator)
  2. Ms Yashmanti Srimany (Counsellor): View Profile
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