Student Fora

The Institution has three student clubs - a Cultural Forum, a Social Awareness Forum and a Literary Forum, to motivate the students to actively participate in various activities, which extend beyond their curricular requirements. These clubs help the students synchronize their creative skills and leadership abilities with participative management. See reports


Cultural Club

The Cultural Club of GMGC is comprised of the following members:

  1. Sm Kamalini Dasgupta (Convenor)

  2. Dr. Chandrima Ghosh (Member)

  3. Dr. Nabamita Chakraborty (Member)

  4. Sm Suvosree Bhattacharya (Member)


Activity Report of the Cultural Club 2017-22: View PDF

Social Awareness Club of GMGC

The Social Awareness Club of GMGC is comprised of the following members:

  1. Dr. Kuldip Kaur (Convenor)

  2. Dr. Ivy De (Member)

  3. Dr. Srabanti Mukhopadhyay (Member)

  4. Smt. Arpita Bose (Member)

Social Awareness Club Activities

# Name of the Activity Organized by Date View Report
1 Workshop on Journey of Self-Orientation Social Awareness Club, GMGC 23.08.2022 View PDF
2 Seminar on Gender Sensitization Social Awareness Club, GMGC in collaboration with the IQAC 27.05.2022 View PDF
3 Special Lecture on Beyond Gender Boundary: Understanding Gender Equality Social Awareness Club, GMGC 29.04.2022 View PDF
4 Earth Day Observance GMGC 22.04.2022 View PDF

Literary Club of GMGC

The Literary Club of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College functions with the objective to develop diverse imaginative faculties of students by encouraging them to give free expression to their ideas through various creative ideas. The activities of this club are planned to augment the output of the members of the club and thereby imparting these values to the student community as a whole. The literary capabilities inherent in the students need to be chiseled out to give flair to their creative aptitude.

The Literary Club of GMGC is comprised of the following members:

  1. Dr. Ballari Roy Chowdhury (Convenor) (Assistant Professor, Department of Bengali)

  2. Smt. Monami Ghosh (SACT II, Department of CMEV)

  3. Smt. Sheenjini Ghosh (SACT I, Department of English)


Activity Report of the Literary Club 2017-22: View PDF