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The College Central Library is well-equipped and well stocked. It has over twenty eight thousand collections of printed books and e books. Library subscribes five magazines and two peer review journals for undergraduate students. Library services are fully automated. The library has two rooms. One room which is the reading room includes books stacks too. The second room also has book stacks and is used as the circulation counter. There is a mezzanine block which is the UGC Network Center. It has bounded volumes of journals and also serves as the reading room.

From 2014, the information management system was based on LIBSYS (LSease version) Library Management Software. Presently it has switched over to KOHA (22.11 version). The Central Library follows Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (19th ed.) for classification and AACRII code for cataloguing of books. Books are arranged according to Broad Subject Category in a 000-999 series. All books have been barcoded.

The library has started digitizing a few important reference books which are presently not available in the market. They are in fragile condition and need proper preservation.

The Central Library remains open on all working days during college hours. During University Examination, Library remains closed for the students for maintaining the examination decorum.

Central Library is fully Air Conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled. the users can avail of the and user can avail the net facility through QR scan code.

CCTV has been installed to ensure safety and security of the Central Library.

For preservation of books College Central Library is regularly treated with Pest Control measures.

Library Officials

Dr. Sarama Das
Dr. Sarama Das

Designation : Librarian

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Smt. Lalima Pal, Library Assistant


All bona fide students, staff, faculties and Alumni members have the right to access the College Central Library. To use the NLIST e- resources, all bona fide users need to fill up the Google Form by visiting the link posted in the library website page for the said purpose. Each individual user has her/his own User ID and Password for accessing the NLIST e-resources. Entitlement of books during a period is as follows -

Category of Members No. of Books Entitled
Student 2
Faculty 5
Non-teaching Staff 1

Library Rules and Regulations

  1. On production of the Identity Card, each student shall be provided with Borrower's Cards against which books will be issued.
  2. Library Cards are non-transferable. Loss of this card must be reported immediately to the Librarian and a fresh card will be issued on payment of a fine of Rs.100.00.
  3. Students may borrow two books at a time. Books must be returned within 15 days from the date of issue, failing which a fine will be charged on a per day basis. Till the payment of the fine, borrowing facility will be withdrawn.
  4. Students must ensure that the borrowed book is in proper condition. Any book lost, damaged or defaced must be replaced by the borrower. Till the damage is made good, the borrower will have no right to use the library.
  5. Students must renew their library cards each time they take fresh admission for a new semester.
  6. Students must return their library books before the commencement of the last Semester-end Examination (Semester VI), barring which they will not be allowed to fill in the University examination form.
  7. Students seeking transfer and students appearing in Part II, Part III& Semester Examinations must obtain a clearance certificate from the librarian before a transfer certificate or admit card is issued.
  8. The College Library has book bank facility which caters to the requirements of the needy students of the college. Under this facility, books specified as texts and / or references in the course syllabi of different subjects are earmarked for use by the deserving students.
  9. The College Library also has provision for alumni to avail of reading facilities against nominal charges.

Library Collections

Collections #
Books 28606 (up to March 2022)
Journals 2
Magazine 5
Daily Newspaper 2
Bound Volume Journals/Magazines 414
Rare Collection 394

Facility for the Differently-abled students

Central Library has a special collection of Braille Books, and has some Audio Books in digital form which can be used by the differently-abled (divyangjan) students..

Library Services

  • Automated circulation of library books.
  • UGC Network Center.
  • Wi Fi Zone in the Central Library.
  • Braille Books Collection.
  • Audio Books Collection.
  • Book Bank Facility.
  • Question Bank available both in offline and online mode.
  • E- resources available on 24*7 basis through Central Library Website.
  • Online Public Access Catalogue.
  • Information Display Board outside the Central Library.
  • Journal Display Cabinet.
  • Reference services to the users.
  • Reprography service.
  • Bibliographical reference service
  • Reading room services.

Library Best Practices

  • Central Library Website Page was created in August 2020 midst Covid-19 pandemic lockdown to serve the users, both students and staff at their comfort zone 24*7.
  • Central Library organizes a Library Orientation Program for new entrants every new academic session
  • Central Library is an Open Access Library.
  • There is a New Arrival Display Board.
  • Library has its own Facebook Page.
  • There is Book Bank facility for needy and deserving students.
  • Central Library has Career Counselling Corner with some books to guide the student in their career building..