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Online Class Schedules and Notices

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Online Exams held during the COVID period

B.A./B.Sc. Semester-I (Honours) Examination, 2021 [ 28th Feb 2022 - 6th Mar 2022 ]

Undergraduate Odd Semester Exam 2021 [ 15th Jan 2022 - 27th Jan 2022 ]

Undergraduate Even Semester and Part III Examination 2021  [ 29th Jul 2021 - 21st Aug 2021 ]

Undergraduate Odd Semester Exam 2020  [ 8th Mar 2021 - 25th Mar 2021 ]

B.A./ B.Sc. Part-I, Part-II, Sem-2 and Sem-4 Intermediate Examinations 2020  [ 2nd Dec 2020 - 18th Dec 2020 ]

B.A/B.Sc. Part III Honours/Major/General Examination 2020  [ 1st Oct 2020 - 8th Oct 2020 ]



Coronavirus - Covid 19 Lockdown: Diet And Health

The long lockdown period due to spread of Covid 19, which began on 23rd March 2020, now seems to be endless. Man being a social animal, this is an extremely difficult phase we are going through and are likely to be affected adversely physically as well as mentally. Kindly refer to the video for Tips to Stay Healthy during the Lockdown Period by Smt. Pratyasha Agrawal, Lecturer in department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics.

Covid-19-Lockdown-Diet-and-Health-01.mp4 [Video]

View Covid19 - Lockdown Diet and Health [PDF]


Precautionary measures taken by the College

  1. Scanning with thermal gun at the entrance gate, Extra supply of masks is kept with the security staff for emergency purposes.
  2. Sanitizers placed at all important points.
  3. Log book at the entrance gate for visitors.
  4. Thorough sanitization with fogging machine at the end of every working day. Classrooms are kept closed subsequent to the fumigation for nearly 15 hours.
  5. Log book for sanitization maintained with the caretaker and regularly checked by the Committee members.
  6. Stickers and hoardings have been put up in the College premises to create Covid awareness.
  7. Washrooms are cleaned twice daily.
  8. Covid-19 cell members meet the students on a daily basis to give assurance and help them.

COVID-19 Committee Members 2021

Teaching Members:
Smt. Kamalini Dasgupta
Dr. Lalita Agrawal
Dr. Rakhi Mitra
Sri Gokul Saha
Dr. Nabamita Chakraborty
Dr. Chandrima Ghosh
Sri Subham Dutta
Dr. Mahua Dutta

Non teaching:
Sri Barun Das
Sri Shankar Roy chowdhury
Sri Ranjit Ghosh


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